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Bruised and Dimly Burning . . .


This is part two of a study that focuses on words of comfort from Isaiah 42:1-4 . . .

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In the ancient world reeds were used to make mats and even boats. In marshy places they were plentiful. You could be very selective. If you found a reed that was bruised, one that you could not use, you could leave it and move on. There was a plentiful supply of healthy reeds to choose from. You would gather only the healthy ones, go back home, weave your mat, or make your boat.

This servant of God, however, won’t shove the bruised reeds aside. He is actually searching for the broken ones!

Also, he will not extinguish a dimly burning wick. The wick is something to be saved and restored.

You may have seen a picture of a lamp from the ancient world. It was a shallow bowl-like container, filled with oil, in which a wick burned. When the wick burned down to a smoldering stub, you threw it away. It was no good anymore. The servant of God, however, won’t throw it away.

This is strange. A person who collects bruised reeds and burnt wicks. What does the servant plan to do with them?

Matthew tells us in chapter 12 of his Gospel. You might want to turn there. Matthew walked with Jesus. This Jesus, Matthew tells us, was a collector . . . a collector of bruised reeds and burnt wicks. Matthew, chapter 12 tells us that Jesus, on a Sabbath day, defied the religious authorities that he might heal a man with a withered hand. Jesus was the servant that God foretold through Isaiah. It was Jesus who would collect bruised reeds, and restore them. It was Jesus who would collect burnt wicks, and set them aglow once again.

End of Part Two

Part Three of Bruised and Dimly Burning


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